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So this is Christmas

The song is simply haunting. It is certainly worthwhile pondering on its lyrics that the legendary Lennon added to the everlasting list of Christmas carols that ring out with the arrival of December.

“So this is Christmas and what have you done?”

I heard it this time in a buzzing shopping mall and stopped, leant against a pillar and listened as the words seeped deep into my very soul. Yes, it is a very meaningful question to ask ourselves, ‘what have we done?’ especially as another year draws to an end.

The season of Christmas has started with a bang; Singapore has lit up in revelry and so has most of the world. Everywhere around me colourful shining bubbles shimmered and angels floated and little jet lights winked and blinked at me to tell me it is Christmas. Shops were over-flowing; sales of this and sales of that and there were fat pillow-bellied Santas walking around with snowy beards and faces as red as beetroot, adding colour to the festivities. There were gigantic Christmas Trees reaching to the roof with a zillion sparkles, each loaded at the base with gift boxes of all sizes. They were wrapped in glittering multi-coloured paper and ribbon-tied. The boxes made me wonder how mundane the celebration would be; with all the glitter and glamour if the inside was empty, like the boxes. That’s when the question ‘what have you done’ exploded in my scatter-brain with its ‘guilt-tainting’ powerful message.


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