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Flood Relief for Sri Lanka

It all began with a low pressure area off the south-east coast of Sri Lanka which would, over the week grow in the tropical cyclone Roanu, which also had a severe impact in India and Bangladesh, bringing an unexpectedly early start to the monsoon season with a ferocity which had not been witnessed in decades. On the 15th of May, the severe tropical storm inundated the island with torrential rainfall, causing floods and landslides across 22 districts in Sri Lanka, destroying entire villages on some occasions.

At least 84 people are known to have died as a result of Tropical Storm Roanu and a further 116 people are still missing, many as the result of a landslide that struck Aranayake, Kegalle district on 17th May 2016; this was followed by a second landslide in the same area four days later and landslides warning remain in place in nine areas of the country.





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