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Sports Tours and Success Stories


Training approximately 600 sportsmen and women every month on a range of sports including cricket, swimming, netball, volleyball, badminton, chess and karate, the FoG Sports Academy seeks to offer training and opportunities to the local youth in order to help them discover and develop their talents.

The Community Aid Sports Tours which bring a wide variety of overseas teams to play in Seenigama also helps to add value to their training and broaden their range of experience. Some of these visiting teams even conducts special training sessions for the beneficiaries.

While a majority of the sports tours to FoG tend to be cricket related, we have also recorded an increasing number of netball teams also visiting in recent years. However, for the very first time we had the opportunity to host an overseas swimming team.

The New Castle Girls’ High School from UK were not only the first swimming team to visit, they also organised a friendly swimming competition with the FoG swimmers which was a truly unique experience for our kids as the NCGH team also included a National U17 swimmer. We sincerely hope to see more swimming teams visit our academy in addition to the cricket and netball tours.




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