English & Tamil Classes

To bridge the gap between rural and urban communities, it is essential that those educated in the rural villages have a good level of English. At the Foundation of Goodness, we are committed to uplifting the standards of English in rural communities.

We provide English Classes with experienced teachers at the MCC Centre of Excellence, Udumulla Village Heartbeat Centre, Seenigama Diving & Training Centre, and in surrounding villages, benefiting over 300 children and youth annualy.

English is the international business language and many employers within Sri Lanka report that they suffer because of an inadequate supply of potential workers within the country (World Bank, 2008) because standards of English are not good enough. Without English, rural people are seriously disadvantaged in the job market, and excluded from many.

Tamil Classes

Empowering the general public with the ability to converse in Tamil is an essential skill needed for the betterment of Sri Lanka.  Gaps in communication within our own communities not only create social issues but also build a metaphorical wall of separation between people of different origins. The Foundation of Goodness’ contribution to build and promote peace in the country takes form of providing free of cost Tamil language courses to over 100 children and adults in Seenigama and surrounding areas annually.

The Foundation of Goodness foresees to extend its Tamil language training program to more rural communities providi







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