We at FoG are greatly blessed by volunteers who join our efforts to serve humanity. Most volunteers not only contribute to the day-to-day life of FoG, but also give us their perspective on why they think the work and the people are special. Such insights rekindle our passion to serve our people and also remind us why we appreciate the team we have at FoG. This week’s homepage story features the reflections of a volunteer.

Goodness volunteer’s experience

The first thing we saw when we arrived at the MCC Centre was this sentence: “Some people make things happen, some people watch things happen, some people wondered what happened”. We definitely knew what kind of person Kushil was and were encouraged to do something also ourselves. However, at our stay we were most impressed to discover all the other people who make the Foundation and Seenigama so special. Here is the story of our experience from some of the people we have met:

He has been a great support during our stay. We have been involved in many activities from his area: re-arranging the Handicraft Centre, training divers at the Diving Centre, giving tips for the Business Skills Development programmes and working on the Environment Sector. We have really enjoyed visiting home gardens and studying the evolution of the plants and seeds donated by FoG.

Mr Sripalee 
Teachers at the Foundation are local people. They are well trained and believe in FoG’s community project. Mr Sripalee as well as teaching English, gives students something much more valuable: he brings peace to his classes and students!! It is amazing how he can make. It’s amazing how he captivates the attention of his students. It was most impressive to see him on Poya Day (full moon) giving meditation classes.

As cook, he has made us the best food!! He can make the best fish with fresh vegetables or better, just let him surprise you with real Sri Lankan food. He will include all kind of herbs and spices such as chili, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, curry, mustard, tamarind, coconut milk… and many others that are difficult to remember. For him Sri Lankan food can be defined as tasty, spicy and colourful. I will dream with the giant fruit salad he prepares in the morning with all kinds of fresh fruit!

  “You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream,the further you get."  Here is the best example: Lakruwan is a swimming champion at a national level in Sri Lanka. He has already won a championship for the under 19 category and recently won a national event (50 meter freestyle) at an over 19 competition. He started swimming for fun in the sea, but now trains at the Sports Academy. We have faith he will succeed in the Olympics!

With her energy, big smile, and effectives she is just what a sector manager needs! She is so enthusiastic that she transmits it to other people surrounding her: from coordinators to students; we were captured by her wave too and motivated to do more things at our stay. A key for a foundation to be successful.

All children just captivate you!!!!!!!!!!!! Giving English classes is most rewarding! At first they are shy, but they pay attention and get involved. Students have a very good vocabulary, but lack communication skills. Teaching English is a very good opportunity for volunteers to connect with the locals. FoG staff appreciates the classes as well!!

As driver and guide, on our spare time on weekends he has shown us the most fascinating spots in Sri Lanka: waterfalls, Buddhist temples, local markets in lost villages, beaches, riding and feeding elephants, visiting Yala and Uda Walawe National Park, walking on tea plantations, visiting a tea factory… he is most friendly, knows the way and all the secrets of his country. In the hospitality manner that the Seenigama local people have, he invited us for dinner at his house to meet his family.

This was where our experience at Seenigama started: arriving with the train from Colombo. (By the way, the trip in train was fascinating too!!)

We hope that this has been just a START and are willing to continue collaborating from home in many different ways!









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