Computer Graduation & New Found Hope of BPO Initiative in Seenigama

“Education is the most important weapon that one can use to change the world”, asserts Nelson Mandela and it is something that the Foundation of Goodness truly believes in. With its vision to empower the rural community in Sri Lanka, Foundation of Goodness has continuously strived to support under-privileged villagers to attain the unimaginable. 
Conducting computer skills training for the rural community was seen by FOG as an essential step forward in bridging the gap between urban and non-urban communities that helps to foster an opportune environment for talented individuals to achieve much aspired goals in their lives.

Moving one step forward in the endeavour to uplift the rural community through IT skills, the Foundation of Goodness opened another successful chapter in their journey of promoting goodness and compassion by introducing Business Process Outsource (BPO) model in Seenigama that allows village youth to be employed in their home town after completing IT skills training conducted by Foundation of Goodness. “I learnt a lot of things from FoG and I can go a long way now”, says L.A. Erandi Madhushika self-employed at Seenigama BPO Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

The recent computer graduation of Foundation of Goodness MCC Centre of Excellence Computer Training Centre unfolds as yet another milestone for many aspiring young individuals that keenly look forward to a brighter future.

The 23 April 2011 was a day that changed the lives of 75 individuals who became inaugurated as trained personnel in Information Technology (IT) in different disciplines. Students from Seenigama and all across Down-South Sri Lanka from villages such as Batawala, Kahawa, Akurala and from villages as far as Boossa, Ambalangoda with the novel addition of Hambanthota representing 35 villages, walked the stage as proud graduates.  

Special guest to the ceremony, senior lecturer of Sociology from the University of Sri Jayawardenapura and acclaimed song writer, Prof. Praneeth Abeysundara, in his guest speech stated that there are 05 essential things every single person should be equipped with: literacy, numeracy, computer literacy, scientific attitude and democracy. He also emphasized the importance of being spiritual, self giving and respecting fellow human beings. Prof. Abeysundara wrapped up his speech by addressing the importance of striving to become self sufficient both in education and in life.

Co-ordinated by Amila Dilruk who is also the lecturer of graphic designing and under the supervision of IT Sector Manager Fazana Ibhrahim, students were professionally trained in Microsoft Office, Programming, Graphic and Web designing under the guidance of P.B. Saman Kumar - senior lecturer of MS Office, Gayani Nadeeka- lecturer of kids’ program, Ravi Kapuge – lecturer of webdesign and software development and Lahiru Madushankha – computer assistant. A total of 75 students successfully completed training where 36 students were provided full-fledged training in Microsoft Office, 17 in Graphic designing, 16 in Web Designing and 6 in Visual Basic Programming.

Kushil Gunesekera, founder trustee of the Foundation of Goodness whose humble vision is to empower disadvantaged youth, has initiated and facilitated many means by which thousands of individuals could realize their innocent dreams. In his speech addressing graduates, Kushil stressed the importance of being grateful for what we have while not complaining about what we may not have. He spoke about the constructive magnitude of adapting positive attitudes over negative ruminations that help us become stronger to face challenges with never fading courage. In wrapping up the speech, Kushil reiterated the importance of wearing a bright smile amidst challenges to brighten up one’s soul while shedding light on others. 

The ceremony was a time for marking yet another accomplishment supported by free of cost IT skills trainings provided by the Foundation of Goodness. It was also a time that warranted introspection in to the journey so far. Initially, conceptualized as a basic IT skills training program, the concept has by far built up to the level of an operational BPO with Foundation of Goodness IT graduates serving esteemed local and international clients such as ArtBank International – USA and John Keell’s Group – Sri Lanka.

Expressing his heartfelt thoughts and appreciation for the BPO opportunity, Kushil states, “The business process outsource facility that we have been blessed within our village environment consequent to the training of IT targeted for village children and youth is undoubtedly another dream come true. The BPO industry, by looking at village talented boys and girls, contribute in numerous ways particularly because they don’t have to migrate to the urban sector for the same type of work when they are trained plus it is a lot cheaper for the client than engaging in more sophisticated city-like background. 

More importantly, by this collaboration it would have a ripple effect for kindness to multiply as we can also then sustain the other areas of empowerment sectors for greater impact. With this start it has become possible to sustain the computer training centre at the MCC Centre of Excellence, the very place that the youth who are now performing this task was trained free of cost.”

While the proud graduates walked past the stage with their certificates in hand, hopeful smiles and anticipating looks on their bright eyes held so much optimism for the future knowing that their stance in society as employable individuals is now secured. It is to see many more such graduates walk past this stage, and to see them becoming employed which in return allows them to become sustainable in leading good lives, that the Foundation of Goodness strives in this quest to achieve infinite betterment day by day.

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more”
- Anthony Robbins






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