Lakruwan Wijesiri- International Triathlete from FoG

When Lakruwan Wijesiri was just 14 years old, the devastating Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 destroyed his village to rubble and in the years that followed, as he struggled to rise above it, his outstanding talent was recognized by the Foundation of Goodness.

Joining the FoG sports academy in 2007 and training at the Bryan Adams Pool Complex, Lakruwan began making his mark in the sporting scene by 2009 when he placed as Under 19 Champion at the All Island Novices Swimming Championship. In 2011 he entered his first ever triathlon, the Carlton Super Cross in Hambanthota and his incredible talent could not be denied when he placed first, becoming the champion at his very first triathlon event. Lakruwan went on to win 5 of the 6 Carlton Super Cross Triathlons in Sri Lanka and it soon became evident to everyone that the time had come for him to graduate to the international arena.

In 2013 the FoG with help from our international donor community organized for Lakruwan to attend his very first international triathlon- the Cold Storage Triathlon in Singapore. To everyone’s great delight Lakruwan placed 4th overall out of over 500 participants from around the world. Mr. Chandramohan from USA who has been associated closely with FoG being very philanthropic and the donor of 700 bikes to the North, sponsored Lakruwan’s attendance at the Cold Storage Triathlon and was so impressed that he came forward to sponsor further training with professional triathlon trainers MetaSport, because all this time, the only training Lakruwan had ever had was swimming at the Bryan Adams Pool. Having had absolutely no formal triathlon training, Lakruwan was ecstatic to be given this opportunity. FoG well-wishers Carlton & Ellie Walker and Vijitha Wickramasinghe who were there for Lakruwan every step of the way during the Singapore triathlon continued to support him through his training.

Winning hearts everywhere he went, Lakruwan soon had the strong backing and support of his coaches and colleagues at MetaSport where he was encouraged to participate in the Bintan Triathlon in Indonesia. This led him to his most recent achievement in the international arena, when he placed 2nd in his age category and 12th overall at the Bintan Triathlon, in Indonesia on the 17th of May. Lakruwan, who is employed as an Ordinary Seaman with the Sri Lanka Navy, now dreams of representing Sri Lanka at the Olympics one day.

From a rural village where no one had ever heard of triathletes to his international wins and dreams of Olympics, Lakruwan has come a long way, and we hope to see him go much further as his career progresses. The Foundation of Goodness would like to extend its most sincere thanks and appreciation to all who have helped Lakruwan achieve his dreams; Mr. Chandramohan from USA, Carlton and Ellie Walker, Vijee Wickramasinghe, Dr. Rohan Gunaratna, MetaSport Head Coach Dillon Wood, MetaSport Triathlon Coach Shem and all friends and well-wishers at MetaSport including Fabiana as well as Commander Sri Lanka Navy Vice Admiral Jayanath Colombage and the Sri Lanka Navy for their support.

 “An excellent start to competing at the Olympic Distance in what was a very challenging course, a fact acknowledged by the two time Iron Man World Champion Chris Macca McCormack who competed and won the race. It was a joyful and very fulfilling weekend for all of us.

Many Blessings for you and all at FoG for helping Lakruwan fulfil his immense potential and his dreams.” -Vijitha Wickramasinghe

 "FoG's sports Ambassador Lakruwan Wijesiri is Lanka's shining gem. I watched Lakruwan's amazing performance at the International Triathlon 2014. In Bintan, Indonesia, he joined the league of elite sportsmen when he was awarded the second place in the Olympic Distance (Men 18-24 years Old) category. By competing with fellow international athletes, Lakruwan brought pride to Seenigama, Sri Lanka and to Asia on May 17, 2014.

What impressed me most was Lakruwan's idea of Sri Lanka and his commitment for all communities live in harmony. Expressing his deep gratitude to Kushil Gunasekera, the FoG Chief Founder/Trustee, he said he wants to invest his life building bridges of friendship between the North and South. He believes that sports is the most powerful medium to unite men and women irrespective geography, ethnicity or religious orientations.  Lakruwan's smile and performance, won the admiration of fellow athletes and spectators.” 
-Rohan Gunaratna

“He created a path that not many Sri Lankan’s have ventured in to, since triathlon is not a sport we are known for and that reminds me that winners don’t do different things, but they do things differently”
-Kushil Gunasekera

“Adversity cause some men to break; others to break records.”– William A. Ward


20th May 2014



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