Artist to Architect: Tharaka’s journey from the village to Architecture School 


‘I don’t just want to be a good Architect. I want to be a unique Architect that creates exceptional designs for Sri Lanka and the world.’

The son of an artist from Akurala, a rural village in the South of Sri Lanka, a few years ago Tharaka’s dream to design houses was just that, a dream. Today 29 year old Tharaka Subash De Silva is a graduate of the City School of Architecture armed with a B. Sc (Hons) Architecture Degree from the University of West England.


All this has been possible due to Tharaka’s discipline, dedication and hard work and FoG is proud to have assisted him in rising beyond life’s circumstances and achieving his dreams. We celebrate Tharaka’s journey which has been fraught with hardship. Despite the challenges that have come his way he never gave up.

Since a young age Tharaka had always been a promising artist. It was his drive to do more with his talents and learn a vocation that will provide him and his family with a better life, which drove him to approach FoG’s then Head of Project Management: Fazana Ibrahim, for assistance with his higher studies.

FoG provides deserving university students with scholarships that affords them a monthly allowance, for stationary and transportation.  Having passed the competitive entrance exam to CSA, Tharaka’s requirement surpassed our regular allocation. Never one to discourage a deserving beneficiary, FoG Founder and Chief Trustee Kushil Gunesekera, got in touch with one of FoGs long term supporters Dr Naj Nagendran. Dr Nage came on board to sponsor Tharaka’s higher studies to become a Chartered Architect.



A Los Angeles based physician with a long history of philanthropy, Dr Nagendran has been an active supporter of the Foundation for many years. His generosity has been instrumental in many of our projects from supporting the Methsewa Foundation for special needs and differently abled persons, sponsoring the Oddusudan CCTV camera repair courses, to the construction of the Vadakachchi Central College Cricket pitch, to supporting the FoG Essential School Supplies drive, Dr Nage has been an invaluable member of the FoG family.



Speaking of Tharaka’s achievements Dr Nage said, ‘What stood out for me about Tharaka was his passion and desire to become an Architect. He was willing to work hard, overcome any obstacle in order to obtain his dream. He is extremely talented in drawing, and worked under a famous Architect in Sri Lanka Anjalendran; who conveyed to me that Tharaka has the potential to follow in his footsteps and other Sri Lankan greats like Geoffrey Bawa and Channa Daswatte’.



‘When Tharaka made a booklet of his first year drawings and presented it to Dr Nage as a thank you, Dr Nage showed it to everyone, saying “look at what my son has made”’ said Fazana, who pointed out that the active interest Dr Nage took in encouraging and inspiring Tharaka, enriched both donor and beneficiary.

‘I have learned so much from Kushil Sir and Dr Nage. They have taught me how to be a better person, to help people however you can. They have had a profound effect on my life’ said Tharaka, who gives back to the community through his art, painting for the local temple and community centres, whenever he can. 

Tharaka travels over 100km to Colombo everyday, commuting for over 2 hours, he put himself through night classes in the English Language so that the language barrier was no longer a handicap for his studies. ‘The Architecture course is very hard, some say an Architecture degree is like a military course, but I am working hard and I am determined’ says Tharaka. 


Tharaka is beating the odds, and is currently interning at a prestigious Architectural Firm based in Colombo while reading for his Advanced Diploma in Architecture with the option of a Masters of Architecture and Environment Design Degree from UWE, UK.  His fondest dream is to one day win the prestigious Geoffrey Bawa Award for Excellence in Architecture.

We at the Foundation of Goodness are cheering him on and watch with excitement, the great architectural feats he will achieve in the future!



18th January 2019







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