Manoj Abeysinghe Special Swimming Coaching Camp

As per the agreement signed between the Foundation of Goodness (FoG) and the National Olympic Committee (NOC) with the ultimate goal of creating an Olympian by 2024, Manoj Abeysinghe conducted a special swimming coaching camp at the Bryan Adams Swimming Pool Complex which is a part of the FoG Sports Academy in Seenigama.


With over 15 years of experience as a professional swim coach in the USA, Manoj Abeysinghe and his team conducted two training sessions with our FoG Swimmers. Manoj who is also a National Olympic Committee Coach was accompanied by 8 members of his team.  20 of our advanced swimmers started off the training session which was followed by training for 50 of our general level swimmers. Both sessions were intensive and each of the students were able to get one-on-one attention from the coaches.

Sri Lanka’s first ever Triathlete to participate in the Asian games and Head Coach of Swimming at FoG Lakruwan Wijesiri said, ‘Manoj Abeysinghe and his team advised us to step up the land training sessions of the swimmers and gave us some important tips for more impactful physical training.’

FoG provides free-of-charge facilities, training, equipment, scholarships and more to rural athletes across a wide spectrum of sports. Our goal is to ensure that the talented athletes of rural Sri Lanka receive the opportunities they deserve. For years now, promising young rural athletes fail to make it to the National stage due to a lack of good nutrition, proper coaching and adequate training facilities. Sri Lanka has lost many a rising star due to this negligence.

Throughout the past 20 years our fully equipped FoG Sports Academy in Seenigama, along with Village Heartbeat Centres across the country have been working to bridge the gap between rural and urban sportsmen and sportswomen.  The partnership between the Foundation of Goodness and the National Olympic Committee, continues to flourish with many joint projects planned for the future, empowering rural athletes to reach their true potential.    




12th February 2019







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