WNS/AVIVA visit Seenigama for the annual sports day

The annual WNS/AVIVA Challenge Trophy took place for the third year in a row at the Seenigama cricket oval on March 30th when WNS/AVIVA’s team took on the Foundation of Goodness’s finest cricketers and netballers.

The excitement began at 9.30am with the netball game where the Foundation’s team excelled, gaining 13 goals to one, defeating the opposing team by a huge margin and such is the talent from the rural youthful women. It proved to be an easy win for them having won this game in the previous two years as well and once again taking the trophy for the third consecutive year. Iresha Dilhani Siriwardene was acknowledged as the most outstanding player who lead the team to victory.

Two cricket matches followed soon after, the first one against the Seenigama village team, a 25 over game where the village team beat the Colombo stars by 4 wickets and the second match against the Foundation staff where the WNS/AVIVA combined team won the 15 over game. The ‘best batsman’ trophy was taken away by a member from the village team whilst the ‘best fielder’ was given to a WNS/AVIVA team member.

It was a fun and exciting day for the players and the spectators alike. We are most grateful to WNS/AVIVA for taking their time to organise this annual sports day and for the continuous sponsorship extended by the WNS Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee, lead by CSR Committee Vice President Mr Niranjan Tavarayen.

WNS/AVIVA developed the first post-tsunami model housing complex with improved facilities, showcasing the rebuilding of lives of those who were displaced by the tsunami and following up with many programmes to improve their quality of life.

Many WNS/AVIVA personnel who over a period of time have visited the project in Seenigama, adding value in different ways, resulting in the most unique dental care facility sponsored by them at the MCC Centre of Excellence medical sector. Such is their involvement with the Foundation of Goodness that continues to foster so much goodwill by way of this very special sports event, maintaining the bond of friendship between the two institutions with the focus on elevating the standards in the rural sector.

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