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Established in 1999, this Sri Lankan charity based in Seenigama village near Hikkaduwa has worked relentlessly to improve the lives and livelihoods of many thousands of people. The Foundation of Goodness was set up by Kushil Gunasekera whose family came from Seenigama.  The aim was to give holistic support to the poor rural community to bridge the gap between the rural and urban sectors.

Before the tsunami: 1999-2004

In the early days, it provided English and Computer classes, Sports Training to village children, upgrades to villagers’ dwellings (including water, sanitation and electricity supply) and a simple medical clinic.

Rebuilding lives: 2005-2007

When the Tsunami struck in 2004, Kushil gifted what was left of his ancestral home and garden to the village, setting up firstly an emergency centre and then, with sponsorship from the Marylebone Cricket Club, developing the MCC Centre of Excellence, which is now the hub of the Foundation of Goodness' work. 

The Post-Tsunami international funding has provided facilities and opportunities which have been open to all for free of charge and have benefitted around 20,000 villagers in about 25 villages.

Holistic Community Development: 2007 onwards

With most Tsunami disaster response work drawing to a close, the focus is now on ensuring long term sustainability of the model that was originally envisaged when the Foundation was set up in 1999.  The work continues to target improving the lives of rural communities across 50+ villages. Special emphasis is placed on developing children through the provision of Pre-School, English and Computer Classes and a significant Sports Programme in Seenigama. Adult learning is supported through training in computer and business skills and English classes and for the women, classes in industrial and domestic sewing and cookery to enable them to support their families and in some cases to go into business. Medical and dental cares are extending from tending the sick into preventative health care programmes.

Expanding North

Since 2011, the Foundation of Goodness has expanded its development activities to the post-war North. The FoG plans to emulate the Seenigama MCC Centre of holistic development model in the North through establishing the North Learning and Empowerment Institute. While work is underway in establishing the Centre, the FoG carries out development and humanitarian activities in the North including the Neethipuram Water and Sanitation Project, sports camps, development of school grounds and libraries, micro-finance, developing a pre-school, distribution of solar power bulbs and livelihood projects.



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