Mission Statement

Since 1999, the Foundation of Goodness has been empowering better opportunities to the rural community in Seenigama and beyond. Projects are diverse. 

The force of water which hit Sri Lanka and South East Asia on 26 December 2004 destroyed much of our previous work and tragically took hundreds of lives, leaving the Seenigama village lying in rubble. 

But our spirit has not been broken and we are completely committed to rebuild and fulfill all the needs of the village people. We will turn this catastrophic setback into a blessing. 

Due to the Foundation’s proven track record, we have already made significant head way in raising funds and delivering projects. The support of donors and volunteers worldwide has been overwhelming and needs to continue if we are to reach our goal. 

I have already gifted my home to the people of Seenigama, which has been converted to a learning centre – ‘MCC Centre of Excellence’, giving greater exposure and training to the village youth. 

Foundation of Goodness projects are always delivered in accordance with the highest standards in project management and accountability. Pre-tsunami, 100% of donated funds went directly to projects, all administration costs such as staff salaries and office supplies were paid by myself. With the increased work created by this disaster, we aim to spend no more than 2% of donated funds on administration. 

To manage the huge rebuilding task I have withdrawn from my business responsibilities to devote myself full-time to this project. I have also set up a group of dedicated local volunteers to oversee all sectors of the Seenigama community into a formal management structure. The Seenigama people have appointed a management committee who are consulted and involved in every decision. It is our goal that the community be the driving force in their own redevelopment. 

With Goodwill.

Kushil Gunasekera
Foundation of Goodness

The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good in return.



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